Future of Events & Offline-to-Online Marketing

Empowers events & offline marketing by connecting customers to brands seamlessly

Engagelab is a platform and suite of games for events and offline marketing. It connects customers’ mobile phones to participate in fun & engaging activities and games, and in turn brings customers to remember & understand your brand and its product & services. All activities are conveniently done on users’ smart phones, without installing any applications.

Why Engagelab?


Detailed reports of user profiles, Participations, and social influcen. Track the exact Impact of your event.


Customers login & interact with our games & activities using their own mobile devices. All information is private.


Engagelab can bring Infinite possibilities of games and fun activities. Tailor-made games to communicate about your products and services.


No application download and installation required. Scan QR code with LINE.


Expand the reach of your events to event participants’ extended network online.


Incentive marketing in its purest form. Awards + Actions = WIN WIN!

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See how we empower events with joy and engagement!


Engagelab Slot Machine was used in Thailand Zocial Awards 2015. Attendees connected to our slot machine game to tested their luck and it brought joy to many people who attended the event.

EngageMobile Connectivity

Amazing Thailand TAT

Engagelab had the honer to be used at the Tourism Authority of Thailand's Booth in Queen Sirikit Convention Center. Users can seamlessly connect to our lucky draw game and shake their mobile phones to test their luck!

EngageMobile Connectivity


Engagelab allows people to connect with games on any screen through their mobile phone, and this is one of our showcases implemented for brands like supersports to bring digital signage to another level. Users walking by can scan and play the running game on their mobile phone without waiting.

EngageMobile Connectivity Smart Signage

Engage Social Vending Machine

Debut of Engagelab Social Vending Machine at Unilever Ignite! Event. Engagelab Social Vending Machine connects users to brands seamlessly through the creative use of incentive marketing. Users can play games and complete actions to receive all kinds of gifts.

EngageMobile Connectivity Social Vending Machine

Supersports 10 Miles Run with Running Pad

Engagelab created a "running pad" for Supersporst 10 Miles run, that would allow the guests to physically run to prepare or enjoy the atmosphere for the Supersports 10 Miles Run! It was nothing comparing to 10 miles, but it wasn't an easy sport either!

Engage Footpad 3D Programming Hardware Controller

Jurassic Expo

Engagelab had powered the Dinasaur themeed Exhibition "Jurassic Expo" by Major Cineplex in Siam Paragon. We have provided AR mobile applications that can scan and learn about the insides of dinasaurs eggs, and also provided a large AR-Wall installation where you can feel the jungle of Jurassic World!

Augmented Reality Computer Vision Ultrasonic Sensing Hardware Controller

Other Products & Projects

Built by the team behind Engagelab

800 events since 2013

Insta.Printa & Insta.Wall are a set of fun and powerful marketing tools designed to empower your events socially and develop your Instagram presence. Since 2013, We have brought Insta.Printa to more than 800 events around the world and it's still going strong.

Since 2014

SnapScene is the first ever Selfie Booth to be launched in Thailand. The Selfie Booth is a new breed of photobooth, designed specifically to perfectly capture all your selfie moments. With a touchscreen interface, professional lighting and DSLR camera equipment SnapScene is the best choice to capture the great moments at your event.